50 Little Things

I am taking the advice of Mer and doing a list today for fun. Might be harder than I think. I am going to attempt to list 50 little things about me. I know many of these may be things already known, but let’s see if I can find some new ones.

  1. I like Yoko Ono.
  2. Today is my husband’s birthday.
  3. I am studying Spanish on the Duolingo app.
  4. I have a banjo.
  5. I own a scooter I am going to ride as soon as it’s fixed.
  6. I know how to solder.
  7. I like Eminem.
  8. I live around the block from my childhood home.
  9. I collect old phones and radios.
  10. I do not like Journey.
  11. I am an amateur radio operator, licensed for 20 years.
  12. I am a Dudeist Priestess able to perform weddings, funerals, etc. 
  13. I love Shakespeare plays.
  14. I love almost all vegetables.
  15. I like to follow Cleveland baseball.
  16. Surprisingly, I like tv shows such as: Wagon Train, The Rifleman, and Gunsmoke.
  17. I am distantly related to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.
  18. I like Metallica
  19. There is a picture of me wearing a dashiki in my high school year book. I  love colorful clothes.
  20. I used to be on a golf league. I LOVED it. I was a terrible player, but really enjoyed playing. 
  21. I was arrested at 18 for disorderly conduct. The police had to wake me up to arrest me…..
  22. I had my first child when I was 19. He is going to be 34 this year and is a great person. 
  23. My husband says I can’t whistle, but I can.  A little. Badly. For a very short time. hahahaha
  24. I have seen Weird Al in concert almost every year since 1996.
  25. I taught Sunday school in the early 90s.
  26. I like square dancing even though I never do it anymore. Since junior high.
  27. I was a competitive swimmer for 6 years.
  28. OMG How is it not on the top of the list?? I LOVE THE BEATLES! I was in discussion about Yoko today so she was on my mind first. But the BEATLES are IT.
  29. I  LOVE Frank Zappa. He is fantastic. I hadn’t felt love for a musician like this since the Beatles. The Beatles are always first, but then FRANK.
  30. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have all the clothes to dress up, three wands, of course all the books, regular and large print for when I am older. Anything I can get my hands on Harry Potter makes me happy.
  31. I have three brothers, one a year and a half older than I, one a year and a half younger and one seven years younger.
  32. I stopped smoking 2 years ago this May on my birthday. 
  33. I didn’t care for the movie The Revenant.
  34. I am very afraid of spiders. They can just go to hell. Or away from me. Either one is okay.
  35. I like to fish.
  36. I love to read. Duh
  37. I can change a tire.
  38. I am almost 53 years old and I do not dye my hair. I have a little gray hair but I earned it. I am not going to dye it. It’s short anyway. 
  39. I have been to Alaska.
  40. I do not carry a purse. I haven’t since 1994.
  41. We have a clock in every room, including the bathroom. Do you guys, too?
  42. We use 24 hour time on our digital clocks. 
  43. I do not like bananas.
  44. I love donuts, but don’t eat them because I can’t stop. 
  45. I like to crochet, knit, and cross stitch.
  46. I do not smoke crack.
  47. I watch MeTv with my husband almost every night after he gets home from work.
  48. I like sparkly stuff.
  49. I have the ashes of my last two kitties on my coffee table.
  50. I think this was a fun post for me. Thanks Mer!

Better Late Than Never?


I have been waiting to get the “new” iTunes. It’s not new. It’s months or more old. I got a laptop several months back and never downloaded the next version of iTunes. The problem with this was that all my music was trapped in the old iTunes. I couldn’t access any of the music I purchased and had to dig out any CD I might want to hear, if I still had it.

The new iTunes looked like it had gotten rid of all the CDs I had loaded onto my account. Only the items I had purchase from the iTunes store were available.  Now, I had purchased all the music on my account either from the iTunes store or on CD. There was no reason for them to delete all my CD music. I didn’t want to go back and have to load all that music back onto my iPod. Finally, the day before yesterday, I downloaded the dreaded new iTunes.

As I thought, only the music from the Cloud was left on my account. I had about half the music I had before. I have an old 8 GB iPod and I had all my Beatles albums on it. Everything else was gone. Sigh.

It took my husband and me a little time to figure out how to reload the Beatles music back onto my iTunes. Once that was complete it took me some time to realize I needed to download music from the Cloud to my laptop to be able to add it to my iPod. Even after all this I still can’t get any of my CD music to load onto my iPod; only the purchased music transferred.

I should just try to figure out how to load all the music onto my phone, but I think I’ll save that for another day.


Tonight is the Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band concert in Cleveland. My Beatles Buddy and Bff, Merry and I will be there, of course!

Mer and I just got back from a quick road trip to my daughter and son-in-law’s place in Maryland to pick up the newest member of Mer’s family, their new puppy Mya. She is just so cute. Her parents are my daughter’s two American Bulldogs. Mer, Baby B and I drove up/over on Thursday, visited for a couple hours, slept, picked up Mya and drove home. It was a rough trip. Great to see my daughter and son-in-law, even for such a short time and bond with the granddoggies. It was great to see Mer and Baby B so happy with their new family member. All in all not a bad trip, even though I almost popped my tire doing a U-turn.

I digress.

We took such a short trip so Mer and I would have a chance to rest up before the Ringo show. We have been looking forward to the show for months. We bought our tickets months ago, the day they came on sale.

I saw Ringo with his All-Starr Band years ago. It was probably waaaaay back in the 80s. Probably 1989, the first year they toured. They played at one of our popular outdoor venues, Blossom Music Center. I was lucky enough to see him twice here.

Mer and I are going to another outdoor venue, this one in downtown Cleveland, Jacobs Pavilion. Unlike our baseball stadium, it is not called the Jake, that is what many Clevelanders still call the stadium even though it has been Progressive Field for years now.

It might rain tonight, but we have reserve tickets under the Pavilion. General admission seats are at the top of the bleachers where there is not sufficient coverage during rainstorms. I know this from experience.

Ringo and his Band put on a hell of a show from what I remember and the reviews of his shows. I know Mer and I will have a great time. He will be singing Octopus’s Garden, Mer’s favorite Beatles’ song, along with all of the audience. We get to sign with Ringo!! I mean, we already sang with Paul last summer, but now we will have sung with TWO BEATLES!!

I look forward to his All-Starrs’ contributions. This year’s group includes Todd Rungren so it will be a chance to hear him in concert also. Each of the All-Starrs play at least one of their own songs.

It’s going to be a blast!

The Door Into Summer

My husband and I are spending a nice afternoon listening to all the original Monkees albums on vinyl while he tapes them onto reel to reel. The doors and windows are open so we can enjoy the nice summer day, one of the first we’ve had where it isn’t either too hot or too cold.

I might be sipping a nice Shirley Temple.

It’s a Monkees kind of day. Tonight we go to see them in concert. Sans Davy Jones, as my bff likes to say. My husband is a huge Monkees fan and has seen them in concert a few times back in the 80s. So, this will be a nice evening.

On a summer Saturday afternoon here are the Monkees with The Door Into Summer:


I really like collecting and collections.

I collect a few things: old radios, telephones, records and Harry Potter stuff.
Of course, I also collect all things Beatles. This is my collection I’ve had longest. I started collecting Beatles memorabilia in 1975. Wow, I’m old, almost 40 years ago!

The first thing I began gathering up were Beatles albums and 45s. I had been borrowing my aunt’s albums and wanted my own. The first one I got was 1976’s Rock and Roll Music. It was a compilation album and it was a radio station copy from my uncle who was a DJ at the time. I must have played that album over and over a million times. Big 70s headphones on, music blaring.

I wanted more. I wanted their “real” albums. The ones released THEN. The originals. There were a lot of reissues of the Beatles albums in the mid-70s. There were some crazy singles issued from the album Rock and Roll Music even. Songs from different Beatles album on the SAME 45. Wild.

I went to a ton of garage sales and got some great deals back then. Kids who had grown up with the Beatles had moved on and their parents were often selling off the albums and singles the kids left at home. I have a pretty good collection of the Beatles singles. I even have a cover sleeve for I Want to Hold Your Hand. Good stuff. I was also lucky enough to own a few doubles and some triples of the albums I bought. I gave a stack to another huge Beatles fan, my bff Merry.

I don’t just collect records. I have buttons, action figures, posters, prints, books, pins, Beatles pants, T-shirts, earrings, DVDs, salt and pepper shakers, Christmas tree ornaments, you get the idea. I used to collect every magazine mention of the Beatles. Not just articles about the Beatles, no, every time they were mentioned by anyone. I had books full of cut out mentions of the Beatles. Full newspaper and magazine articles. Every Beatles magazine issued about the Beatles I could find back in those young days of my Beatlemania.

I don’t have a pic of me from back then all Beatled up. But Mer and I put on our Beatles shirts and pants when we went to see Paul McCartney last summer.


It’s so nice having a Beatles best friend. Now we both collect and it’s twice the fun. I’m on the left Mer on the right in the picture.

Do you have any collections and what kinds if you do?