50 Little Things

I am taking the advice of Mer and doing a list today for fun. Might be harder than I think. I am going to attempt to list 50 little things about me. I know many of these may be things already known, but let’s see if I can find some new ones.

  1. I like Yoko Ono.
  2. Today is my husband’s birthday.
  3. I am studying Spanish on the Duolingo app.
  4. I have a banjo.
  5. I own a scooter I am going to ride as soon as it’s fixed.
  6. I know how to solder.
  7. I like Eminem.
  8. I live around the block from my childhood home.
  9. I collect old phones and radios.
  10. I do not like Journey.
  11. I am an amateur radio operator, licensed for 20 years.
  12. I am a Dudeist Priestess able to perform weddings, funerals, etc. 
  13. I love Shakespeare plays.
  14. I love almost all vegetables.
  15. I like to follow Cleveland baseball.
  16. Surprisingly, I like tv shows such as: Wagon Train, The Rifleman, and Gunsmoke.
  17. I am distantly related to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.
  18. I like Metallica
  19. There is a picture of me wearing a dashiki in my high school year book. I  love colorful clothes.
  20. I used to be on a golf league. I LOVED it. I was a terrible player, but really enjoyed playing. 
  21. I was arrested at 18 for disorderly conduct. The police had to wake me up to arrest me…..
  22. I had my first child when I was 19. He is going to be 34 this year and is a great person. 
  23. My husband says I can’t whistle, but I can.  A little. Badly. For a very short time. hahahaha
  24. I have seen Weird Al in concert almost every year since 1996.
  25. I taught Sunday school in the early 90s.
  26. I like square dancing even though I never do it anymore. Since junior high.
  27. I was a competitive swimmer for 6 years.
  28. OMG How is it not on the top of the list?? I LOVE THE BEATLES! I was in discussion about Yoko today so she was on my mind first. But the BEATLES are IT.
  29. I  LOVE Frank Zappa. He is fantastic. I hadn’t felt love for a musician like this since the Beatles. The Beatles are always first, but then FRANK.
  30. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have all the clothes to dress up, three wands, of course all the books, regular and large print for when I am older. Anything I can get my hands on Harry Potter makes me happy.
  31. I have three brothers, one a year and a half older than I, one a year and a half younger and one seven years younger.
  32. I stopped smoking 2 years ago this May on my birthday. 
  33. I didn’t care for the movie The Revenant.
  34. I am very afraid of spiders. They can just go to hell. Or away from me. Either one is okay.
  35. I like to fish.
  36. I love to read. Duh
  37. I can change a tire.
  38. I am almost 53 years old and I do not dye my hair. I have a little gray hair but I earned it. I am not going to dye it. It’s short anyway. 
  39. I have been to Alaska.
  40. I do not carry a purse. I haven’t since 1994.
  41. We have a clock in every room, including the bathroom. Do you guys, too?
  42. We use 24 hour time on our digital clocks. 
  43. I do not like bananas.
  44. I love donuts, but don’t eat them because I can’t stop. 
  45. I like to crochet, knit, and cross stitch.
  46. I do not smoke crack.
  47. I watch MeTv with my husband almost every night after he gets home from work.
  48. I like sparkly stuff.
  49. I have the ashes of my last two kitties on my coffee table.
  50. I think this was a fun post for me. Thanks Mer!


C is the first letter in all the names of my siblings, parents and me: Chuck, Chris, Curt, Charles, Colleen and Cheryl

Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend time.

It’s fun to try new things.

My new kitten, Harrison, sure makes me happy.

Seen some crazy things in my time.

Oh man, the cold weather is here to stay for awhile. 

Not a fan of Journey

Oy, I don’t like them.

Why did I mention them?

Let’s change the subject.

6 years ago many people said two thousand nine. Now many people say twenty fifteen. Two thousand fifteen sounds awkward to me.

times married is the charm. This time I have the right guy!


How to embarrass your teenage daughter

Thanks for the guest blog invite MerBear

Please welcome my Beatles buddy, Crimsonowl63, as she talks about the joys of embarrassing her daughter.

I was a bad mom. I used to love to embarrass my daughter. Unlike my son, G loved to be “in” and popular. Having a nerdy mother was SOOO embarrassing.

One of my favorite ways to embarrass her was to “talk hip”. Now, most of the slang I knew at that time was very outdated. Which was good. Kids hate it when you use old slang. I used to drop some oldies like “groovy” and “far out”.

G: Big eye roll

The funniest is when I used slang she used to use. Especially if I use it wrong. In front of her friends. The best! Back in the Day is OUT. As if is really out.

Tell her “That’s how I roll” and she is starting to twitch. Yo, Fo Shizzle and she is saying, “Mom! Cut that out!”

That’s when you pour it on. Tenderoni. Start to say how you want to chillax at the crib with some peeps. And some brewski’s. Mix it up a bit.

Start talking about the rap music you like. I happen to like Eminem and some Dre, Snoop, Nate Dogg etc. All the music I like is older. I love to tell her, if in front of friends even better, that I just love, say, the song Regulate. Oh it’s so great.

G: Mom, how old is that song? Are you trying to be cool?

Me: No I just AM cool.

G: Rolls eyes, steps away.

She used to be so embarrassed of my shenanigans in front of her friends. (She hates when I use the word shenanigans) I used to tell her it gave her good stories to talk about how crazy her mom is. Her friends laughed so hey. Now that she’s grown she is still embarrassed sometimes, but that is some of the fun of being a parent.

And, then I break into a chorus of “It’s my Prerogative”.

No child was injured in the actions listed above by said mother, me.


Reminds me of you ES

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about novelty songs. I have been searching my collection and listening to some on line.

I also happen to follow a blog titled Evil Squirrels Nest by Evil Squirrel, ES I enjoy his observations on squirrels, his humor and his comics. You should check out his blog.

So when my husband and I ran across a parody of the Beastie Boys’ song Girls called Squirrels I immediately thought of ES. So you can obviously see the connection.

So just for fun….here is Squirrels….by the Beastly Boys..for you ES.

Novelty songs

I was listening to music with my husband last night. We have a whole lot of different kinds of music on his old laptop we never transferred over to anywhere else. I realized many of my favorite kinds of songs had been stuck on this computer….novelty songs!

I have many favorites, but here are just a few we listened to last night……

We started out with Benny Bell’s “Shaving Cream”…*I like this video of just the 45 playing.

If you enjoy puns you will love Dana Lyons’ “Cows with Guns”.

I love Weird Al Yankovic. I have almost all his albums and like his original stuff as much if not sometimes more than his parodies.  Since most people like the parodies, here is one of my favorites.

Anther of my favorite parodies. “Dirty Deeds Done with Sheep” by “Bob Rivers

I used to listen to a lot of Doctor Demento. He was good for songs like “Camp Grenada,” “They’re coming to take me away”, and all kinds of other parody songs.

Of course being a Star Trek fan I have a favorite novelty for that, too.


I have several local novelty songs on 45 rpm records. The WMMS “Tenth Anniversary Song”, “The 12 Days of Cleveland Browns Christmas”, “Go Joe Charboneau”,  “There’s No Surf in Cleveland” by the Euclid Beach Band and “Skinny Little Boy” by Alex Bevan, “Funky Poodle” by Wild Horses.. There are others that I am sure would interest no one. lol

Okay, those are just some of the ones I like. Sorry about the ones that might have an ad, they are on the video source. Do you guys like novelty songs? Which ones ? I’m always looking to add to the collection.