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50 Little Things

I am taking the advice of Mer and doing a list today for fun. Might be harder than I think. I am going to attempt to list 50 little things about me. I know many of these may be things already known, but let’s see if I can find some new ones.

  1. I like Yoko Ono.
  2. Today is my husband’s birthday.
  3. I am studying Spanish on the Duolingo app.
  4. I have a banjo.
  5. I own a scooter I am going to ride as soon as it’s fixed.
  6. I know how to solder.
  7. I like Eminem.
  8. I live around the block from my childhood home.
  9. I collect old phones and radios.
  10. I do not like Journey.
  11. I am an amateur radio operator, licensed for 20 years.
  12. I am a Dudeist Priestess able to perform weddings, funerals, etc. 
  13. I love Shakespeare plays.
  14. I love almost all vegetables.
  15. I like to follow Cleveland baseball.
  16. Surprisingly, I like tv shows such as: Wagon Train, The Rifleman, and Gunsmoke.
  17. I am distantly related to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.
  18. I like Metallica
  19. There is a picture of me wearing a dashiki in my high school year book. I  love colorful clothes.
  20. I used to be on a golf league. I LOVED it. I was a terrible player, but really enjoyed playing. 
  21. I was arrested at 18 for disorderly conduct. The police had to wake me up to arrest me…..
  22. I had my first child when I was 19. He is going to be 34 this year and is a great person. 
  23. My husband says I can’t whistle, but I can.  A little. Badly. For a very short time. hahahaha
  24. I have seen Weird Al in concert almost every year since 1996.
  25. I taught Sunday school in the early 90s.
  26. I like square dancing even though I never do it anymore. Since junior high.
  27. I was a competitive swimmer for 6 years.
  28. OMG How is it not on the top of the list?? I LOVE THE BEATLES! I was in discussion about Yoko today so she was on my mind first. But the BEATLES are IT.
  29. I  LOVE Frank Zappa. He is fantastic. I hadn’t felt love for a musician like this since the Beatles. The Beatles are always first, but then FRANK.
  30. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have all the clothes to dress up, three wands, of course all the books, regular and large print for when I am older. Anything I can get my hands on Harry Potter makes me happy.
  31. I have three brothers, one a year and a half older than I, one a year and a half younger and one seven years younger.
  32. I stopped smoking 2 years ago this May on my birthday. 
  33. I didn’t care for the movie The Revenant.
  34. I am very afraid of spiders. They can just go to hell. Or away from me. Either one is okay.
  35. I like to fish.
  36. I love to read. Duh
  37. I can change a tire.
  38. I am almost 53 years old and I do not dye my hair. I have a little gray hair but I earned it. I am not going to dye it. It’s short anyway. 
  39. I have been to Alaska.
  40. I do not carry a purse. I haven’t since 1994.
  41. We have a clock in every room, including the bathroom. Do you guys, too?
  42. We use 24 hour time on our digital clocks. 
  43. I do not like bananas.
  44. I love donuts, but don’t eat them because I can’t stop. 
  45. I like to crochet, knit, and cross stitch.
  46. I do not smoke crack.
  47. I watch MeTv with my husband almost every night after he gets home from work.
  48. I like sparkly stuff.
  49. I have the ashes of my last two kitties on my coffee table.
  50. I think this was a fun post for me. Thanks Mer!


C is the first letter in all the names of my siblings, parents and me: Chuck, Chris, Curt, Charles, Colleen and Cheryl

Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend time.

It’s fun to try new things.

My new kitten, Harrison, sure makes me happy.

Seen some crazy things in my time.

Oh man, the cold weather is here to stay for awhile. 

Not a fan of Journey

Oy, I don’t like them.

Why did I mention them?

Let’s change the subject.

6 years ago many people said two thousand nine. Now many people say twenty fifteen. Two thousand fifteen sounds awkward to me.

times married is the charm. This time I have the right guy!


Walking in the Rain

I was supposed to walk a 5k last evening. I say supposed to because when we got to Edgewater Park it was rainy and cold. My friend and I sat in her car and debated what we were going to do.  Did we really want to walk in this weather? Would that really be any fun? I came to have fun.

I am happy to say that my friend was in it for the fun also. We had paid for the event and we decided to pick up our numbers and our T-shirt but we weren’t staying for the walk. I love the shirt. It is fluorescent yellow. Love it.

After the race the organizers grill hamburgers and hot dogs for the runners and walkers. My friend and I walked up to the grillers and asked if we could eat before the race. They told us no, but we cajoled them into letting us “test” the first two burgers. You know, just to be sure they turned out well. They were delicious.

We now had two hours to fill before we went to the theater to see Book of Mormon. What should we do? Hmmm….my friend suggested we park downtown and go to a certain Margarita bar that she likes. Hey! good idea. Let’s go.

Both of us had a change of clothes so we could look a bit more presentable at the play. We left those clothes in the car for the time we were at the bar.  We would change into them later and walk to the theater.

To make a long story short we had a great time at the bar. We joked around with some of the bartenders, drank some grande Margaritas until it was time to go. After having a couple of Margaritas, neither of us felt like walking in the rain back to the car to go change clothes. We went to the play in jeans and long sleeve T-shirt for me; stretch capris and sweatshirt for my friend. We walked twelve blocks, went in and enjoyed the play and went home.  A fun evening all around. Even walking the 12 blocks in the rain.

A Day to Remember


Back in March for his birthday in April I bought my husband a gift from his bucket list. He has always wanted to fly. I found a Groupon for a first flight package for half price.  We’re just regular people. We don’t make a habit of hopping on our private plane or yachting or anything.  He was really excited when he got this gift; maybe even a little shocked. I was excited for him.

Saturday, we woke up to a beautiful morning. This was the day Bob chose for his flight and it was clear and sunny with a big blue sky. Perfect! We got some coffee and were off to the airport. We drove out to Burke Lakefront Airport and after a short detour (we didn’t know exactly where we were going) we found T & G Flying Club.

We met a very nice flight instructor, who came up to my husband and said, Well, let’s go out to the plane. Wow. No little lesson, no anything, just come on out.

There two planes outside the club and the instructor led my husband to one of them. It was a Cessna 152, I think. It is a pretty small plane as you can see in the picture above of Bob and “his” plane. I was the photographer for the event.

Here is the cockpit of the plane; two little seats and all kind of instrumentation.


The instructor told Bob to start it up and his adventure really began.

He taxied to the runway, the instructor having Bob run and fly the plane himself. Bob used Flight Simulator on the computer many times and he told me that really helped since he knew what all the dials and instruments did.


I watched and filmed as the plane taxied down the runway and picked up speed. It was pretty exciting, even just watching. Bob was about to fly a plane!

Finally, the plane lifted off the ground and I saw it ascend into the clear blue sky.  After just a few seconds I couldn’t see the plane anymore. I watched the sky hoping he would fly over the little spot where I was waiting, but he was busy flying over Lake Erie and parts of Cleveland, having a great time.

His flight finally ended and I watched, a little nervously I must admit, as he landed the plane with no problem at all. He climbed out of the plane and I could see he had a great flight.

It was so much fun. We talked with the flight instructor about the T & G Flying Club and the benefits of joining. It’s something we are seriously considering for the future. I would love to see Bob fly again. I have never seen him so happy.

On the way home, Bob told me all about the flight and how great it was. He again asked me if I would ever fly with him in a plane like that.

Nope. Not me. I will fly in a commercial plane with no problem, but don’t want to go up in those tiny little planes. I am very happy watching him live one of his dreams, thank you.


Shoes, Glorious Shoes

I bought four pairs of shoes today. Odd for me since I didn’t even own four pairs of shoes for most of my life. I was never into clothes or shoes. I was into T-shirts with pictures of concerts, music, baseball and football and jeans. That was about it. I might have one outfit for any event I might have to attend, which hopefully fit when it was needed. I felt two pairs of shoes were enough. Tennis shoes for everyday wear and some kind of black dress shoes for events were all I needed. Where I worked at the time had a casual dress code so jeans, T-shirt and tennis shoes were fine

A few years back, okay probably 10 years ago, some of my friends took me out to give me a makeover. They had decided I needed to have a more updated look and more than two pairs of shoes. I rejected their idea of me carrying a purse since I haven’t carried one since 1994 and wasn’t about to start again, but agreed to let them pick things out and even to try things on. I hate trying things on. Mostly because they never fit. Every store and every brand has different ideas about what women’s sizes are so my friends insisted on a trip to the dressing room after so many garments were picked out.

It was like torture. I was complaining after the fourth outfit. Nothing fit at the first store. We went all day from store to store to store collecting different parts for outfits. I thought I was going to pass out. I really don’t like shopping at stores.

This makeover did not last long and I went back to my regular T-shirts and jeans with tennis shoes.

I decided to work on losing weight last year and have lost 50 pounds so far. I was still wearing my clothes from my bigger size. I loved those concert T-shirts! Who cares if they are two sizes too large! My friends again began to encourage me to wear other types of clothes, too. One of them gave me an entire wardrobe of tops, shorts, pants and T-shirts that were not covered with a band, Harry Potter, the Beatles or anything like that.

I didn’t think any of these clothes would fit. I couldn’t accept my size difference after the weight loss. Once again my friend made me try everything on. I was amazed when almost all of it fit!

My tennis shoes all of a sudden just didn’t seem right with my new wardrobe. I first got a pair of black flats. Then some sandals; I now have three pair. One black, one beige and one white. I got a couple more pairs of flats, too. So many shoes!

Now I wear a mixed bag of things. I still wear my Zappa shirts, but not as often. I think this would be called dressing like a grown up. It still feels kind of strange. Things like Capri pants and I took forever to get along. They just felt too weird wearing them at first.

Somewhere along this path I found I enjoyed having more of a variety in the way of shoes. Today I bought four pairs at one time! I don’t feel guilty at all since all were on sale or clearance and were each under $20.

I haven’t gotten an EXPENSIVE taste in shoes. I’m a little too frugal still for that.

All I need now is a couple of pairs of boots for winter. Winter is Coming.


I just got my daily phone call from my husband. Just to say “hi”. It’s a nice ritual. I enjoy having him call every day.

Today, I sit here doing laundry and not much else. I could watch Perry Mason on MeTV, but I have to leave for my first visit with a new therapist before I would find out who the real killer is.

I’m going to see my friend and my 5 year old god-granddaughter. She and I have a lot of fun together. She likes me to participate in whatever she happens to be doing at the time! Last week we played with Play Doh. I’m not as good with those Doh machines that make all the shapes as I thought

Right now for some reason, a big black helicopter just flew by at a very low altitude. I could see the pilot and passenger! I can still hear it hovering around up there. What can it be doing around here. It’s not the Life Flight ‘copter because that is yellow. Hmm, maybe he’s a new pilot learning to fly. Wow is he flying low!! OH, there he goes, off to some other adventure somewhere else.

Wow, that is the kind of excitement I get around here usually. We don’t live far from the airport. We still don’t get too many low flying objects around here though.

Oh my gosh, the mail just got here! It’s only 9:30 a.m. Our mail usually comes at 4:00 p.m. I am so excited! I wait for the mail everyday, even though it usually is junk mail. Today is a red letter day. I got a package! Yay! It’s not for me though. Boo.

I’m going to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter soon. I can’t wait. it is my second time there, but first time seeing the expansion of Diagon Alley.

Uh oh, my washer’s spin cycle sounds out of control. I’d better go attend to it.

Okay, that is enough randomness for today.

Thanks for reading.