Happy Hip Hop

I’ve been listening to hip hop all morning. I love it. My husband pretty much sticks to Eminem, Dr Dre and D12 if I want to listen to hip hop when he’s home. He’s a dub step guy. So I usually play other things during the day.  Mos Def right now. Common and Tupac earlier.

After this though I am putting on Eminem. Or Em as I call him. An oldie but one of my faves (the first cd I bought of his music,The Eminem Show). My younger daughter introduced me to his music. One of his songs, “Without Me” came on the radio. It had a great beat and it was so funny. My daughter told me I would probably like the album and she wanted me to hear the song “Square Dance” So, as I often do, I wanted to hear more. So I went out and bought it.  I always want the explicit albums not the one bleeped out or whatever they do. Em uses a lot of bad words, but they don’t hurt or bother me.

When I’m mad I sometimes like to listen to Em. He admits mistakes, gets mad at a lot of the things I used to get mad about back then and again now even more. Actually, when I’m kind of irked shall we say, I like to listen to my husband’s hip hop folder. “White America”- Em, “Business”- Em, “Get Back”- Ludacris “Get My Gun”- D12, there is Dr. Dre on there but I can’t remember what. Guess I haven’t been that upset/mad in a while.

Here’s the cleaned up version of “Without Me”. I didn’t know what the WP rules were on these “bad” words so I wimped out and used the clean version.

Lots to learn here on WP and lots more to learn on my hip hop journey.









2 thoughts on “Happy Hip Hop

  1. Without Me came out at a time when Top 40 radio was being forced on us by the people working in the Electronics department, and unlike most new music, it became an instant favorite of mine! And I am by no means a hip hop fan at all….

  2. Yes, I love all the Slim Shady songs. Without me is just so damn funny! Lots of hip hop songs are funny. It takes me longer to learn songs with such fast lyrics though! Good thing at least one good song came from the forced Top 40.

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