Random Saturday Thoughts

Hello! I hope everyone who celebrates it had a nice Thanksgiving on Thursday. Mine was great. My three grown children got together on a Facebook chat to talk an wish me and my husband Happy Thanksgiving. It was really terrific to talk to them all together which I don’t get to do all that often. They all live and are settled out of state.  My sister-in-law brought over the nieces which was the best. I get to have another Thanksgiving tonight with my oldest friends. Their second son is in town from Pittsburgh so it is really a celebration!

I’m currently listening to some Peter, Paul & Mary for some reasons, but I may switch to some hip hop for the same reason when this album is over!

I saw an advertisement on PBS World channel that they are going to show the documentary “I Am Not Your Negro” by James Baldwin. I went to the theater to see this movie. Alone. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me.  Which is too bad since it is such a moving movie. I think the people who really need to see it will not however. James Baldwin is a fantastic writer and I have more than a few of his books. Anyway, I really want to see this again. I’m sure I will buy the dvd. Probably when I finish writing this lol.

There really isn’t much going on! Changed the music, but got side-tracked by Patti Smith’s “Easter” album from 1978. But I have Common’s “Black America Again” in line and up next. The Beatles are my favorite since I was 14. I liked the Doors, Janis Joplin, The Who, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel (my Mom’s fave) back then, too. I still like them.  Now I like just about all kinds of music except country (love bluegrass though). Oh and disco. Was never a big fan of disco. I liked anti-disco songs though. hahaha. I like metal, but not death metal. I like Metallica when they started, but I really like Judas Priest. I don’t think I know any names of metal groups of today….but I have heard them. College radio plays all kinds of things.

Random music paragraph.

I love music and books so I am sure I will have random paragraphs about them a lot.

I don’t go to as many movies as I’d like, but I loved Wonder Woman and did not like at all LaLa Land. I love musicals but not that at all.

To anyone reading still, have a good evening or whatever time it is where you are. It’s getting on to evening here in good ole Berea, OH.









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