Random Mother’s Day thoughts

Every Saturday afternoons on MeTv the station plays Westerns. I call them Oaters. I guess no one calls them that anymore. Or ever. No one seems to remember the term. My parents used it. Anyway. MeTv shows Oaters on Saturday. My husband and I find ourselves watching them most Saturdays.

My favorite is Wagon Train. Every week Colonel Adams and the wagon train face some trouble and they have to find the moral and ethical way to handle the issue and get back on their way to California. The afternoon episodes of Wagon Train are the older Black & White ones. Later in the evening the newer shows are on. These are in color and the Train is led by Mr. Chris. Both shows feature Charlie the cook. He’s my favorite!

MeTv has also started showing the old B & W episodes of Gunsmoke. These have been very good. I saw the very first episode. I love Festus Haggen. At first he was a wolfer or a wolf trapper living on the outskirts of Dodge to eventually become Matt Dillon’s deputy. The way Festus bling-blangin’ golly bill talks, you’d think Matthew would have a talk with him.

How about Bonanza? The Big Valley? Big lovable Hoss and Little Joe are always getting in and out of trouble, much to the chagrin of Papa Lorne Greene. I also now know how Heath came to the Barkley family on Big Valley. I always wondered why the credits at the beginning always gave every other member of the family their last name, but not Heath.

The show that surprised me the most that I enjoy is the Rifleman. I don’t like guns. At all. This show starts out with the Rifleman shooting Pow pow pow pow pow. It’s a show about a father raising his son the best he can. It’s really a great show. The Rifleman only shoots as a last resort and only to kill if absolutely necessary. Nice little half hour show.

Anyway, I wonder why I am writing about these Westerns on Mother’s Day. I never let my children play with any kind of gun. My brothers and I weren’t allowed either. I’m not saying they didn’t play with them at friend’s houses, I’m sure they did, I’m not THAT dumb.

I like these Westerns, these Oaters, now. Some days when I get lonely I turn them on and laugh with Festus and wonder how Audra’s going to get out of this mess this week. It’s just something I never thought I would enjoy.






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