Winter Snow

The winter snow is here. Yay. Not. I know everyone, well, not everyone, says it’s beautiful. I can see beautiful in a painting of a snowy scene or on television thank you. I have never been a big winter fan.

I have to go out today so I especially dislike the snow. It covers my car. You know, the car I have to use to get to the dentist. I had an appointment last week before the snow got here, but I had a flat tire and had to reschedule to today.  


I don’t mind driving in the snow. I don’t even mind going to the dentist. I do mind cleaning off my car. It takes a lot of reaching and brushing and scraping. With fibromyalgia and a very bad shoulder it can be torture. I also often slip on the ice fall on my ass and some swearing might ensue. Today I am hoping the sun melts a bit of the snow off, but it’s probably a bit cold for that to happen, but a person can dream!

I looked for a picture of a sunny, snowy day in Cleveland, but those are scarce.  Most winter days here are just gray.

My husband helps me with a lot in life, but he can’t help with everything. He doesn’t have time. He has to work. He has other things he needs to take care of. I have to start caring more for myself. We have to be practical. My husband can’t do everything.

So for the first time this winter I will go out and clean off my car. The snow is only an inch thick so it’s not too bad.  The temperature is up to 32 degrees from 17 yesterday.  There doesn’t seem to be much wind. This will be the easy one. Let’s just see how it is in February! 

Oh damn. I forgot I didn’t buy boots this year. Glad the snow is not very deep. I will be fine. I have fibro. I know how to be tough and withstand all kinds of things. I have to.  



7 thoughts on “Winter Snow

  1. I’m sick of the snow already, too. I’m very fortunate that my car is nearly always parked in a garage so I seldom have to clean it off, but I do have to walk a bit to get from the garage at work into my building and it’s been bitterly cold here in the mornings. Bring on Spring!

  2. It allegedly snowed here while I was asleep Saturday, but it all melted before I woke up. Still haven’t seen so much as a flake in 10 months. When it foes finally come down, I’m sure it’ll be while I’m at work and my car is exposed to the elements… I don’t think anyone likes clearing snow and ice off their car!

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