Will marijuana be legal in Ohio?

Today in Ohio is the big Marijuana vote. There are two issues. First, there is the issue to legalize weed for both medical and medicinal purposes. I heard we will be the first state to pass recreational at the same time as medical. IF we pass the issue. Second there is an issue on the ballot to not allow certain monopolies from forming. This second issue is intended to block the marijuana issue from taking effect. 

The weed issue names 10 growers for the state. They are the only authorized growers for Ohio. According to the second issue, this is a monopoly and would not be allowed if the issue passes. 

So to legalize marijuana, Issue 2 (the monopoly issue) needs to fail and Issue 3 (legalization issue) needs to pass. I have heard different things about what will happen if both issues pass. This morning the news said it would be decided in court. 

So it will be interesting to see how this plays out. We are a conservative state (as much as it pains me to say that). The anti-legalization commercials show weed candy. YOUR KIDS WILL EAT THIS DRUG CANDY! I hate to tell them but kids are smoking weed anyway. I wonder if it would be easier for kids or harder or the same to get illegal weed. I suppose not too difficult either way. The law allows people to grow at home a certain number of plants. So there’s still the probability that kids will be able to still get weed without much problem. 

Polls are open till 7:30 so it will be awhile before we know. Will Ohio join the states who have legalized marijuana; will issue 2 (monopoly issue) pass or will this whole thing end up in court? I will just have to wait and see. 

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