A Tale of Two Kitties

I have a new kitten! We rescued him from under a friend’s porch a month ago. He is about two months old now. HE IS ADORABLE! We, and by we I mean I, named him Harrison. After George Harrison, my favorite Beatle. My parents had a wonderful cat named George for a number of years and he just died two years ago. I wasn’t ready to have another George yet. So Harrison it is!

When we brought him home he was tiny. On his first vet visit a week after we got him he weighed 1.6 pounds. His body was so small. It was hard to even pet him since he had such a tiny little back.

We also have an older cat who is about ten years old. We thought she would enjoy having the kitten around since she had been somewhat mopey since she was alone after my little baby cat (17 years old) died early this year. We could not have been more wrong.

Cleo is not amused. She is usually a very laid back cat.  Get Harrison in the mix and she is a growling, hissing and angry kitty. She doesn’t like that he follows her around like a puppy. Harrison loves Cleo. He wants to play with her all the time and runs around like a bat out of hell passing inches from Cleo’s nose. She is not happy about that at all.

Often Cleo excuses herself to the bedroom to sleep on the bed or asks to go out in the  back yard. The outdoor escape isn’t going to happen soon since the mornings are in the 30s these days. Brrrrrr

Harrison is a model cat. He has used the litter box since day one, he eats whatever we give him and he is very loving and playful. He uses the scratching post that none of our other cats would ever use.

I only have one problem with him……he is supposed to be my baby.  Who does he choose to cuddle up to at night? His mommy, who feeds and waters him, cleans the litter box and plays with him all day long? No. He snuggles up to Daddy.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for him loving me all day while Daddy is at work.



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