Monday Musings

A few musings on things in my life:

  • I once got locked in the White House
  • An attempted murderer stayed overnight at my apartment
  • I was arrested once. The police woke me up and arrested me for disorderly conduct
  • When I went to court I pled no contest, but told the judge I must have been having a hell of a nightmare to be woken up to be arrested…(I was 18)
  • I met Tony Orlando
  • Weird Al sang to me at a concert
  • My first concert was Sonny and Cher in 1972 (my parents took us kids)
  • I co-wrote and performed my first and only play with my classmates in elementary school
  • my friend and I read Jane Eyre in second grade
  • I have been married three times
  • I finally met the right person
  • I love the Beatles
  • I think Frank Zappa is a musical genius
  • I got to shake the hand of President Bill Clinton

Everyone has a story to tell and strange things that have happened to them. These are a few of mine. I’d love to hear yours.

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings

    • Hey seeing Weird Al in concert is a great thing. My brother travels to Belize quite often in his job as an archaeologist. I’ve never been. I went to the Bahamas once on a cruise. I loved it.

  1. I’m pretty sure #1 and 3 deserve their own posts 😀

    I married the guy I met online as a 19-year-old. As of next May, we’ll have been married a decade. I think Hanson, who has collaborated with Weird Al, are really freaking awesome.

  2. Third time’s the charm, huh? Still not sure if I want to test that theory though!

    Frank Zappa was insane, which yes, made him a musical genius. I just re-listened to all of Joe’s Garage not too long ago 🙂

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