A Day to Remember


Back in March for his birthday in April I bought my husband a gift from his bucket list. He has always wanted to fly. I found a Groupon for a first flight package for half price.  We’re just regular people. We don’t make a habit of hopping on our private plane or yachting or anything.  He was really excited when he got this gift; maybe even a little shocked. I was excited for him.

Saturday, we woke up to a beautiful morning. This was the day Bob chose for his flight and it was clear and sunny with a big blue sky. Perfect! We got some coffee and were off to the airport. We drove out to Burke Lakefront Airport and after a short detour (we didn’t know exactly where we were going) we found T & G Flying Club.

We met a very nice flight instructor, who came up to my husband and said, Well, let’s go out to the plane. Wow. No little lesson, no anything, just come on out.

There two planes outside the club and the instructor led my husband to one of them. It was a Cessna 152, I think. It is a pretty small plane as you can see in the picture above of Bob and “his” plane. I was the photographer for the event.

Here is the cockpit of the plane; two little seats and all kind of instrumentation.


The instructor told Bob to start it up and his adventure really began.

He taxied to the runway, the instructor having Bob run and fly the plane himself. Bob used Flight Simulator on the computer many times and he told me that really helped since he knew what all the dials and instruments did.


I watched and filmed as the plane taxied down the runway and picked up speed. It was pretty exciting, even just watching. Bob was about to fly a plane!

Finally, the plane lifted off the ground and I saw it ascend into the clear blue sky.  After just a few seconds I couldn’t see the plane anymore. I watched the sky hoping he would fly over the little spot where I was waiting, but he was busy flying over Lake Erie and parts of Cleveland, having a great time.

His flight finally ended and I watched, a little nervously I must admit, as he landed the plane with no problem at all. He climbed out of the plane and I could see he had a great flight.

It was so much fun. We talked with the flight instructor about the T & G Flying Club and the benefits of joining. It’s something we are seriously considering for the future. I would love to see Bob fly again. I have never seen him so happy.

On the way home, Bob told me all about the flight and how great it was. He again asked me if I would ever fly with him in a plane like that.

Nope. Not me. I will fly in a commercial plane with no problem, but don’t want to go up in those tiny little planes. I am very happy watching him live one of his dreams, thank you.


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