Last week my husband and I traveled to Florida. It had been rainy and not very summery here in Cleveland, Ohio and we figured we would get some well needed sun while down south.

I had obtained a weekend ticket for Geekycon, which is a con for many different fandoms that was taking place in Orlando, Florida. It started out years ago as a Harry Potter convention called LeakyCon and this year was the first Geekycon. Leaky Con had gotten so big that Geekycon would be in the Orange County Convention Center anticipating a large crowd. I got this ticket in November of 2014 and have been waiting since then for the trip!

I knew that while in Orlando I would not only get to go to Geekycon, but I would also get to go to Universal Studios and Universal Adventures to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I had gone to the WWoHP the first year it opened, but the park has now expanded to two areas, Hogsmead and Diagon Alley that are connected by the Hogwart’s Express which travels between Worlds.

Now, I know it rains in Florida almost every day. For a short time. While we were there? It rained every day, but almost all day! A storm had moved in from the Gulf of Mexico and was very slowly moving across Florida. Right over Orlando.

I wanted to do three things when I went to Florida, get sun for a tan, go to Geekycon and go to Universal.

I got to go to Geekycon. Which was really fun. My husband bought a day ticket and went with me. He had never been to a con before and really enjoyed it. There were all kinds of merchandise for sale, Wizard Rock concerts in the evening, autograph signing and forums of all sorts. I bought myself a new witch hat. It is a beautiful Ravenclaw blue and goes with my wizard robes. I can’t wait for my next opportunity for cosplay; dressing up as one a favorite movie, tv, comic or book character. It’s a lot of fun.

I didn’t get much sun, I didn’t get to go to Universal (I cried), but I still had a good time with my husband while I was there. He says he’ll take me again next year.

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