A Positive List of Reminders

    • I’m glad I woke up this morning.
    • I’m thankful all of my children are alive and doing well.
    • I am grateful my husband is the loving person he is.
    • I have the greatest best friend, ever.
    • I love my cat.
    • I enjoy watching Dragnet and Adam-12.
    • I still love Harry Potter.
    • I love that I can read, reading takes me all over this world and to many others!
    • I like to crochet.
    • I’m happy I quit smoking and lost 50 pounds in the last year.
    • I am looking forward to having more grandchildren to join my god-granddaughter.
    • I just noticed every sentence listed starts with the word “I”.
    • The weather is beautiful today.
    • Yay, tomorrow is payday!
    • Nikki asked me to wear my new tiara (purchased at a Renaissance Faire) to her wedding reception!
    • I have a TIARA!


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