Hello, Goodbye

Today is the day my dad’s car becomes my car. My father died almost two years ago and I bought out the car from my brother (my other two brothers gave me the car, but that’s another story.) In Ohio I can reregister the car twice in my father’s name, which I did last year. Now, it’s time to switch it over.

I have all the paperwork needed. I have had it for over a month. Today is the last day. I have to switch it over today. I am going to stop calling it “Dad’s car” once I have the title and plates in my own name. Both my father and I are/were amateur radio operators and have/had our call signs on our license plates. Each call sign is unique to the holder of that radio license.  My father’s car basically had his name on the plates. Now they will have my call sign.

It feels both like a small hello and a small goodbye.



2 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye

  1. This hits close to home for me. I drive my dad’s jeep now, have for the last 3 years since he passed. I still often refer to it as his. The other part that hits is the call sign license plates. My grandparents (dad’s folks) were also amateur radio operators and always had their signs as their plates. Memories… Much love to you today and lots of hugs. ❤

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