The Kit Cat Club

My husband and I just celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary. We stayed home and just had a chill evening.

Our gift to each other this year was a Kit Cat Clock. Do you remember these? The cat clocks with the clock on the stomach and the eyes and tail move? That clock.

It looks like this:


We love stuff like this. I was looking for a nice clock for my daughter and son-in-law at our local clock shop when I happened upon our little friend Kit here.

I knew he was for us. So I packed him up with the clock I picked for my gift to my daughter and took him home.

He now hangs in our kitchen where we can see him at all times.

Kit Cat clocks go back to the 1930s. They only had two paws then and no bow tie back then. The Kit Cat logo was also not shown on the front. That was added in the 1980s which is the last time the clock design was updated.

He will hang from now on in his place of honor; keeping time as we enjoy many more years of marriage.

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