All My Children

This past weekend all my kids were home. This hasn’t happened in about three to four years. I live in Ohio and my children live in Virginia, Maryland and Utah. We aren’t able to all get together all that often these days.

It was so nice to have them all together again. They were only here for the weekend, but they all decided to try to get together more often and although the two girls are engaged, their fiancés don’t fly. So, it is difficult to get all the kids and their significant others all together.

This time we had all the kids and my older daughter’s fiancé. We had a big dinner at their grandmother’s house. My husband and I, the kids and the fiancé, my ex-husband, his mother, his brother and family, my brother and family and some close friends of the family.

It was so nice to have the kids all together. I can’t wait till they can all come back together again.

Shaye, Genelle, Bryon and Cherise

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