Last night my husband, daughter and I were driving home from a family function.

As we pass under a bridge my daughter says, “Whoa! That was a bull!”

My husband says, “Two bulls!”

I say, “WHAT?!”

We decide I should turn around and be sure it was bulls we saw.

On our second time driving past, the black bull, with big horns is standing on the curb, head up watching me drive by very slowly.

My daughter says, “Mom! Keep moving! He might charge the car!”

I speed up and pull over.

I call the police, who don’t sound very surprised when I call to report two loose bulls wandering near the street in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Not a rural place.

We drive home and discuss how the police are going to corral these bulls.

Does this happen often?

We ponder other bull related questions that arise in this kind of situation.

We didn’t wait for the police to arrive.

That bull had a look in his eye that last time we drove past……..

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