Better Late Than Never?


I have been waiting to get the “new” iTunes. It’s not new. It’s months or more old. I got a laptop several months back and never downloaded the next version of iTunes. The problem with this was that all my music was trapped in the old iTunes. I couldn’t access any of the music I purchased and had to dig out any CD I might want to hear, if I still had it.

The new iTunes looked like it had gotten rid of all the CDs I had loaded onto my account. Only the items I had purchase from the iTunes store were available.  Now, I had purchased all the music on my account either from the iTunes store or on CD. There was no reason for them to delete all my CD music. I didn’t want to go back and have to load all that music back onto my iPod. Finally, the day before yesterday, I downloaded the dreaded new iTunes.

As I thought, only the music from the Cloud was left on my account. I had about half the music I had before. I have an old 8 GB iPod and I had all my Beatles albums on it. Everything else was gone. Sigh.

It took my husband and me a little time to figure out how to reload the Beatles music back onto my iTunes. Once that was complete it took me some time to realize I needed to download music from the Cloud to my laptop to be able to add it to my iPod. Even after all this I still can’t get any of my CD music to load onto my iPod; only the purchased music transferred.

I should just try to figure out how to load all the music onto my phone, but I think I’ll save that for another day.


6 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never?

  1. I use Google Play to store my music. You don’t have to have an app to play it, just a web browser. I know you can buy stuff through there, but I never do. I just needed a way to have my music collection available in the different offices I work in.

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