5 Steps for Building Respect

A friend of mine posted this list on Facebook today. I like it. I may not be able to achieve all these things at one time and some days none of them at all, but I think they are good goals. While these are directed at women, I think they also apply to men.

1. Define what makes YOU great. Everyone has a unique set of talents, abilities, or characteristics that can be channeled positively. What are yours? What do you think gives you an advantage? What special ability has helped you – or someone else – and continues to be a driver of your actions?

2. Quit comparing yourself to others. Face it – there will always be someone out there you perceive to be more attractive, successful, wealthy, etc. Instead of draining your energy by focusing on what others seem to have, focus instead on yourself and on continuing to express your greatest attributes.

3. Take care of yourself. This is a basic statement that goes a long way – strong confidence in yourself and your ability to lead starts with self-care. Set aside time for exercise, shop for flattering, new clothes to enhance your wardrobe, eat foods that support health and wholeness, and take time out to reflect.

4. Avoid sacrifice. Especially for women, this one can be incredibly challenging. When you find yourself constantly missing out on what’s important to you, what happens? You’re probably not very happy – and when you’re not happy, you can’t be your best self. The next time you find yourself making another sacrifice, check in with yourself and acknowledge you’re doing the best you can. And then show up for yourself like you haven’t before.

5. Embody the powerful woman [person] you KNOW you are! This means you can’t always be friends with everybody. A leader simply cannot be “nice” to every person all the time. Take a stand, stay well-aligned with your values, and don’t be afraid to be the decision-maker. As you continue behaving from an empowered standpoint, others will naturally start respecting you more, too.

Colleen Slaughter, MBA, ACC, NCC

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