Mom and October thoughts

My mother’s  birthday is coming up again on the 14th. She would have been 76; I sure miss her.

My mom around 1960
My mom around 1960

This year I am going to Columbus, Ohio with a friend to visit her mother, who is an awesome woman. My friend is younger than I am and her mother is about the same distance in age to me as her daughter.

I’ve gone to visit with Carrie before. We drive down from Cleveland and hit the outlet malls somewhere along the way. I am not normally a shopper, but the last time we came down, earlier this year, I had a good time a the outlet mall. This is not how I normally feel about shopping. I usually hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes. I hate going from store to store. I just don’t enjoy the whole experience. I once saved up money so my friends could help me shop for new work clothes. My friends thought it was so funny how much I hated it. They tried to get me to buy and carry a purse, but I’m not ever going back to a purse.

Wow, I’ve gone kind of way off track here.

This visit is going to be from Saturday through Tuesday. I’m glad that on my mother’s birthday I will be traveling and reminiscing about good times had over the weekend. I will be with a good friend and not at home alone feeling sad.

It’s a very low-key adventure, our trip to Columbus. My friend, her sister and her mother and I take naps, make light lunches, play board games and basically have the most reading time any of us have had in awhile.


I miss my husband and my bff while I’m gone, I call my husband every night, although he would prefer I call more often, he’s so sweet. My Best Friend Forever and I usually keep in touch by chat or text. It’s nice to have a connection to home. Oh and I miss my cats. I’m not ashamed to say it.

I always miss my mom in the month of October.  This year I’m celebrating more to keep myself from continuing to mourn and be sad. It’s been 17 years and I still miss her.

I plan to have the best October I can have! I hope all of you reading this have a great October, too. (Although I would have liked the weather to have been a bit warmer.)

Happy birthday, Mom. I love and miss you!

4 thoughts on “Mom and October thoughts

    • Thanks! That was the general idea. I sometimes almost pick up the phone to call her, but then remember. I know she would prefer I do something fun over moping and mourning.

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