7 Weeks of Weird


Week 7: What is the weirdest random fact about yourself (something you’ve done, something you like, somewhere you’ve been, etc.)?

Wow, the weirdest random fact about me. I had to think on this a minute but, I got it. This was weird. I have a story about a weird wedding my husband and I attended.

I have a friend who I have known for 36 years. She was always a little shy and socially awkward when we were kids. She is very smart and a great writer.

About, maybe, 10 years ago her mother died. She and her mother were very close and my friend took care of her mom up until she died of cancer.

Once her mother died it was like my friend became another person. She felt free. Things she held back or hid because she feared her mother’s disapproval were all coming out into the open.

One of these new things was that she liked being spanked. She started writing erotic fiction and got quite a following. She started going to fetish meet ups and got very involved with the community.

I was happy that she was doing what made her happy and she was a consenting adult playing with other consenting adults, so who am I to judge?

My friend and one of her “playmates” decided to get married. My husband and I were invited to the wedding and were told that there would be no nudity or play at the wedding itself but, there would be at the party afterward. One room would be clothing required and the other would be clothing optional. We were invited to join in if we felt so inclined.

I decided to go to the wedding since she is a long time, very good friend and I was happy that she was happy. My husband, being a kind soul, said he would accompany me. We really didn’t know what to expect at all. What do you wear to such an affair? We decided to go with traditional wedding apparel,

The wedding was being held at a fetish club. It was a converted small car repair shop. We arrive half an hour before the wedding. We enter the club and I see that I know not one person there. We look out of place and lost. We go into the room where the ceremony will be held and find a seat.

The wedding will be officiated by a priestess. She is certified by the state to perform wedding ceremonies. Okay, this could interesting. It was interesting all right.

There were some traditional parts of the ceremony. The bride walked down an aisle, candles were lit. Vows were said. The vows were a bit different to what I am accustomed. My friend knelt down in front of her husband/master-to-be and swore to obey him in all things, to serve him and I can’t remember what all else. He placed a silver ring around her neck. He locked it with a screw. It is her wedding collar.

I was very surprised by all this since my friend had always been so independent, but if this is her choice, even if I couldn’t understand it, then I was happy for her.

The reception was very strange to us. After the ceremony there was a short pot luck dinner. The talk at the table was all about sex and some of the groups’ escapades. My husband and I really had nothing to add to this. The groom, kindly pointed out that there were two non-club members and maybe they should tone it down until they retired to the “other room”.

Before the wedding we were required to sign a consent form. To be inside the club, we had to agree that we knew there would be nudity and sexual situations and that everyone there is a consenting adult and were not being hurt.

Once the “playroom” was set up (it was in the same room as the wedding ceremony), clothes started coming off and different couples and groups were moving off to different kinds of apparatus. One woman was tied up and everyone was invited to cut off her clothes. Not with scissors, but with a knife. We didn’t have a knife, but almost everyone else there did. Another couple was putting on masks and tying up the female partner for the male partner to whip. Another woman was lying on a bench with a man hitting her with another kind of whip. There was a lot going on.

The wedding gifts my friend received were all toys that she and her husband and their “playmate” enjoyed. There are three in the relationship, but only my friend is legally married to her husband. My wedding gift to her? An afghan I made for them. So sexy.

My husband and I stayed for about half an hour to an hour and then excused ourselves to go home. We bid goodbye to my friend and her husband. They both told us they were please we had attended. None of my friend’s family would attend.

No matter how different this wedding had been from any wedding I had ever attended, I was glad we went. It meant a lot to my friend. It also gave my husband and I a good story to tell.





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