I Hope He’s Okay….

**warning: Post discusses suicide attempt**

I had something happen on Facebook last night that has never happened to me before. I was reading my newsfeed when I happened upon a post by a friend from childhood, a man who lives in a different state from me. This friend stated that this would most likely be his last post, he was very depressed and felt it was time to go to his final resting place.

I went immediately to the comments to see if this was a hack, if he had come on and said he was okay, something. There were a couple encouraging posts from some friends, but another friend stated that our friend in need never answered comments on FB.

I didn’t know what to do. Another friend and I began talking in the comments about what to do. She told me the number listed for him was not correct. The location for his last post and the several previous to it did not match the address on FB.

I called our local police and explained the problem. The other on line friend had also called our local police (we all come from the same hometown) as the dispatcher said I was the second call about this. I was told I needed to call the city where our friend lived and notify the police there.  I looked up the number on line, as did the other friend.   I immediately called the police in the city and state in the city his FB post indicated. I was told I needed his address for the police to find him and help him.

I was very surprised. I thought they might at least look up his name in some local directory to see if they could find an address. I had his First name, Middle initial and Last name. I thought they might be able to help, but I needed more information.

I asked on his original suicide post if anyone had his current address. No response. He is married to a young girl who lives in another state who does not seem to speak English very well. I left her a FB message asking her for any current info, telling her how concerned we, his FB friends, were for him. She became concerned and also posted on his page.

There was finally a strange comment from our friend…we had been discussing the number for the police and he posted “wrong number”. That was all.

This morning I again asked on line if anyone had heard from him. His wife responded and I think she meant that he had made one comment on FB, but hadn’t heard anything from him. I sent her a private message asking her to please contact the police with his address if she has it. She responded that she let his address out. I am not sure what that means. I hope she contacted the police.

I don’t know what else to do. I still don’t know if he is alright. I hope he is. I feel so helpless.


7 thoughts on “I Hope He’s Okay….

  1. How awful. I saw that and felt helpless right along with you. I hope he is found safe and is able to get the help he needs. And Helen is right, you did everything you could.

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