7 Weeks of Weird: Week 4

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This is week 4 of 7 Weeks of Weird and the prompt this week is: A weird habit/routine we have.

I haven’t ever really been a “creature of habit”. I have certain routines in the morning in order to get my husband ready for work and out the door, but they aren’t very weird. Same with my nighttime routine. Nothing really odd there. I do have a few weird habits and routines though:

  •  When I get dressed I put on one sock, one shoe and then the other sock and the other shoe. I know most people put on their socks and then their shoes, but I don’t. Archie Bunker and Michael Stivic once had a fight about which was the correct way to put on shoes and socks on the tv show All in the Family. (I tried to link a video with no luck)
  • I eat all my food so that I have fairly equal portions on my plate throughout the meal. I like to have one bite of everything at the end of the meal.
  • My husband says I have a habit of speaking in non sequiturs. That hat was a nice touch.

I am struggling to even come up with the three points that would make my weird habits/routines a few. Which is kind of strange since I am a pretty weird person. I’m more a spontaneous person, I think. I’m also not superstitious, so I don’t have any sports rituals, bingo rituals, anything like that.

I know there must be more. I just can’t think of them right now. After all, my habits aren’t weird to ME.





6 thoughts on “7 Weeks of Weird: Week 4

  1. I had a hard time with this as well. Though I have to say, after reading about how you eat your food, I’m reminded of how I tend to eat mine – which is a little odd. I taste everything to start, mostly so I can add salt/pepper/whatever other seasoning is necessary. Based on my initial tasting I decide which food/flavor I enjoy most. I then eat my meal, saving the bulk of that thing I like best for last so that I have that best flavor in my mouth at the end of the meal.

  2. LOL, I’m totally opposite on the food part. I attack one thing at a time… then once it’s gone, move on to the next. I guess in a way, that’s actually pretty weird too!

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