Going solo at the House of Blues

I went to see Zappa Plays Zappa again Sunday night. My husband didn’t go with me this time because he had to work early Monday morning. This is the third time in a year I have gone to see this band. Basically it’s Dweezil Zappa with a great band playing his father, Frank Zappa’s, music.

Since my husband couldn’t go to the concert I tried to find someone to go with me. Not an easy task at the last minute on a Sunday night for a band no one has heard of, playing music no one has heard of either. My aunt likes to go to concerts and might have gone with me and possibly liked the music, but she was out of town. My brother-in-law (sister-in-law’s brother) had an important evening meeting, so even though he is a big Zappa fan, he couldn’t go. My bff, Merry, kindly offered to go with me even though she is not into the music, but she was not up to it.

There was one other person I knew to whom I could give my extra ticket. The head shop dude. He likes Frank Zappa. But I just couldn’t ask him. I don’t know him that well, but I know him from coming in the store. To buy posters and incense, yes, that’s it. Anyway, my husband wasn’t crazy about the idea anyway. He actually asked me if I was asking the dude on a date?! A date?! Yes, dear, I am asking him on a date. NO. I just didn’t want to waste the ticket.

I couldn’t find anyone to take the ticket by the time it was time to leave so I just went by myself. A few of my friends were worried about be going downtown at night by myself, but I wasn’t worried. I was not missing this show.

It was a great show as always with the band covering “new” Frank music (stuff they didn’t cover before), but it just wasn’t the same without someone to share the show.

After the show, while waiting to meet the band, everyone in line is your friend. They all love the band. They all just saw a great show. Everyone is sharing their stories about seeing either Frank Zappa himself or Zappa Plays Zappa, what other bands they like, what item they are going to have the band sign and taking pictures for each other with the different band members when they did come out  (many of us older folks just aren’t great at selfies I guess).

All in all a good night. I’m glad I went.  I have one more concert planned this summer yet and my husband swears he will go next time even though it’s a Sunday show and he will have to work the next day.

Either way, I’ll be there.




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