Cleveland, LeBron and the Republicans

I’m from Cleveland. The biggest stories this week have been the announcement that the Republican National Convention will be held here and….what takes up most of the news every day for the last couple days..LeBron James is coming back to the Cavaliers.

LeBron is big news here. He is from Akron, which is a bit south of Cleveland and used to be a member of the Cleveland basketball team the Cavaliers. He famously signed with the Heat a few years back and pissed off most of Cleveland by the shameful way he announced his move. Most of us can understand leaving for a maybe better opportunity, but there was no reason to be a jerk about it.

Now, four years later, the LBJ of Cleveland says he’s grown up and wants to come home. There are still haters. They say he doesn’t deserve to come back, that he burned his bridges.

What? Okay, I agree he was an arrogant jerk about his 2010 announcement to leave. Who of us, though, has not done something we regret. Maybe in front of or to a friend, at our jobs or with our families. With our families, we are usually forgiven. We fans should accept his apology and explanation and hope it is sincere. That’s what most are saying here. Hoping the King has matured since 2010.

I mean it is LeBron! The best basketball player in the country right now. Maybe in the world. His return to Cleveland means a lot to the city. He has already brought the sell out of all Cavs season tickets within a few hours of his announcement to come back. I’m sure the extra people going downtown for the games will only help the restaurants and clubs. I’m sure there are a lot of businesses that will benefit from his return, Especially if he brings us a bunch of wins.

The Republican convention is like that too. Not everyone is happy they are coming here, but most people do see the boost for the city the convention will bring.

We have a new casino, the Republican convention and now LeBron coming back to town. I haven’t been to the casino yet, I’m not a Republican and I like baseball and football more than basketball.

But I’m happy for anything that helps Cleveland. So Republicans and LeBron, welcome to town.


8 thoughts on “Cleveland, LeBron and the Republicans

  1. When I was in Cleveland for a baseball trip in September 2009, I took a picture of the banner they had hanging outside the Cavs’ arena featuring LeBron in what I think was just a huge ad for NIke. I recall hearing that banner was rather unceremoniously gotten rid of upon King James’ departure….

    • It was. A new one went up asking him to come home when he became a free agent and then others once he announced he was coming back to Cleveland. People burned jerseys and all kinds of things. They could understand him leaving to a point, but not the insult in that announcement in 2010.
      His apology made a lot of people forgive him.
      Welcome Home LeBron

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