Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart…..

My husband and I went to an Independence Day picnic yesterday. We were asked to bring beans. Okay, that’s easy enough. Everyone loves Bush beans. I can just get a big can of those. They will be better than any beans I could make since I am not a big fan of baked beans and have never made them myself.

I asked my friend who invited us how much beans should I bring? How many people will be there? She tells me she’s not sure how many people, but to just bring a crock pot of beans.

That seems like a lot to me, but I get a giant can of beans. A seven pound can of beans. My other friend tells me this will fill up a crock pot.

Okay, yesterday morning I open this giant can of beans and pour it into the crock pot, Yes, it does indeed fill the crock pot; almost up to the brim, but not quite. I am still thinking this seems like enough beans for an army. I call my friend and ask if she is SURE this is the right amount of beans? She assures me everyone who will be there loves beans. It should be enough. Should be? Ha, that wasn’t my worry.

 We get to the picnic and our friend is cooking about 100 burgers and 50 hot dogs on a huge grill. Inside the pavilion cabin there are all kinds of side dishes: pasta salad, chips, vegetables, potato salad, macaroni salad and now beans. There IS enough food here to feed an army.

After the picnic, we pack up to go home. We gather up our crock pot and it’s still about 80% full. I guess we didn’t need quite that much baked beans after all.

I really hate to waste food, but my husband and I live here alone now and my husband eats like a bird. We can’t possibly consume all these beans! Even if I include them in my breakfast, lunch and dinners.  Tonight we’re going to grill up some hot dogs and have some beans to go with them, We’ll maybe have burgers and beans tomorrow, But that’s it, after that the beans are too old and must be thrown out. Whew, no more beans.

Next time I’m getting one 24 ounce can. Beans may be good for your heart, but some of their other side effects can be less than pleasant.

I hope everyone who celebrated yesterday had a wonderful Fourth.



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