Weird Wednesday’s Weird Food Combo

Mental Mama is suggesting a prompt for Weird Wednesday: Strange food combination you like, but others do not.

I would have to say mine is a drink combination. I love tomato juice with dill pickle juice. Yes, dill pickle juice. They’re both vegetables, right? It’s not that weird…well, some people think it’s a little odd. I started drinking this in the 90s after my mother-in-law concocted it for a summer dinner cocktail.


The only weird food combination I can think of for me is peanut butter and swiss cheese sandwiches. I don’t like sweet food very much so I never was down with peanut butter and jelly. I love crunchy peanut butter (not the creamy kind, that tastes a little sweet) and I love cheese so this seems like a rational combination to me. How and why I decided to try swiss cheese on my peanut butter is anybody’s guess. I don’t know.

So here’s to wacky, wonderful, weird Wednesday and our weird food combos.


8 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday’s Weird Food Combo

  1. Oh gawd, I can’t do peanut butter or tomato juice. They both set my gag reflex off! There’d be a mess if you put both of these down to me. I’ve tried to like them but my mouth won’t let me. 😉

  2. The pickle juice might actually make the tomato juice drinkable. I do enjoy pickles in damn near any form or fashion.

    Josh actually prefers his peanut butter with American cheese and yellow mustard.

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