My favorite childhood toy

Bacon, over at PigLove, had a suggestion to write our Blogs, today, 30 June 2014 (My son’s 32nd birthday, by the way), about our favorite childhood toy. It’s all for Bacon’s Show & Tell.

The first toy that came to mind was my pogo stick. I got this in the year of purple, sixth grade, so I must have been about 11 or 12. I call it the year of purple because that Christmas my parents somehow got the idea that I REALLY like purple. They kindly bought me a purple parka, purple turtle neck, purple corduroys, and purple glittery sox. This was 1974 or 75. I didn’t like purple. In addition to all the purple clothing, I got a purple pogo stick. I might not have liked purple, but I sure did love that pogo stick!

That winter was not a very snowy one from what I recall. I put on all my new purple gear and went out to try out the REAL gift! I pogoed up and down the street and was even nice enough to let my brothers try a go.

I don’t have that pogo stick anymore. I kept it all year and the next and then I was a teenager and on to my new hobby of collecting anything Beatles and I didn’t seem as interested in my pogo.

It sure was fun that year of purple though.

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