He Can’t Help It

I have a fifteen year old cat who isn’t too smart. Most cats seem cunning or sneaky or in some way intelligent. Not my Stripey. He just isn’t that smart.

Stripe was the runt of the litter, yet he’s the last living member of his feline family. He never was too bright, except when it comes to getting food.

Stripe is the kind of cat who will sit in the corner with his head facing the wall. Not touching the wall or anything, but with his back facing out. Not very smart if you don’t want to get snuck up on by other cats and animals. Which used to happen a lot. You would think he would learn. Nope.,

Our cats used to be allowed out and about in the neighborhood. In our city cats are not allowed out of their humans’ yard unless they are on a leash, same as dogs. Almost no one listens to this law and there are several cats who roam our neighborhood.

Ours are no longer among them. Some neighbor, who chose to be anonymous, called the animal warden to complain that Stripe is always wandering around and is too loud when he meows to come in. Sheesh. So we keep them in.

Recently I have been allowing them outside in the back yard if my husband or I are out there with them (we have two cats). Our other cat, Cleo, has learned she isn’t to go out of the yard or she has to go inside. Stripe? No. He is chased down and put inside almost every time.

My husband used to get so mad at Stripe. He used to go in and out the door every five seconds, even in the rain. He doesn’t bother me so I can’t think of all the things my husband gets mad at him for. I keep telling my husband, “He can’t help it!” he’s a little slow at times, the cat, not my husband.

Stripe follows me around like a little puppy these days. I think in addition to not being too bright, the poor little guy can’t see that well anymore. I love him though. As hubby has come to accept that the little bastard (as my husband calls him) really can’t help the bad things he does (he knocks everything over) things have been much calmer at home.

Now if Stripe does something bad or dumb, hubby just says over and over to himself…”He can’t help it.”



15 thoughts on “He Can’t Help It

  1. 1. A cat on a leash. The day I see officers enforce full stops at stop signs (partial stops even). Cats are so helter-skelter.
    2. there are a lot of words I call my cats that I wouldn’t want the kids to repeat – too often. I mean, the cats don’t know. if you feed them and scratch their chin, you can call them all sorts of bad words.
    3. I’m glad I finally made my way over here. Thanks for all your visits.

    • Yes cats are great listeners for the most part. Lol. I hope I don’t have to resort to a leash but I don’t want the warden to pick him up(a cat!)
      Thanks for the visit. I really enjoy your blog! 🙂

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