7 thoughts on “#funnytome

    • hahaha that’s great, I use it for a number sign as in #1, I used it recently in a chat. It also used to be used for “pounds” as in the baby was 9# 11 oz. (my son’s birth weight). When and how it turned into “hashtag” I do not know.

  1. I get so sick and tired of seeing these nonsensical things EVERYWHERE. Of course, I remember being similarly peeved in the mid 90’s when companies started putting their website addresses on everything. I think I was only mad because I didn’t have internet access then…

    • I remember when they first started putting on the website addresses appeared. I remember wondering how anyone remembered those “crazy” addresses. We didn’t have a computer then. I understand the hashtag on Twitter, but I don’t get it everywhere else. By the time I understand it something else will have come along. lol

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