What’s In A Name

I love the Cleveland Indians. The team. Not the name so much. Yesterday, the US Patent and Trademark Office cancelled the Washington Redskins’ trademark for the name of the team, calling it disparaging to Native Americans. This doesn’t mean that Washington has to change the name of the team, just that they lost the rights to their name and logo which could cost the team quite a lot of money. The team is appealing and may keep their trademark until the issue is resolved.

I wonder if the same thing will happen with the Indians and if so would the team lose enough money to consider a name change? I honestly don’t know, Here in Cleveland, I’ve noticed a subtle moving away from the very offensive (In my opinion) image of Chief Wahoo. The Chief has his defenders. They talk about tradition and how the image and name has been used since 1914.


How can anyone find that image inoffensive. “Wahoo” was updated to its current image in 1951.


Such a great improvement. Sigh.

The true original name of the team was the Cleveland Bluebirds, which I’m not crazy about, but it’s better than what we have now.

If the Patent Office’s cancellation of Washington’s stands, Cleveland’s team may have the same issue. The team has been using the logo less prominently lately; merchandise featuring an “I” or a “C” and less Wahoo at Progressive Field. There are also protests at some of the games each year.

I think Cleveland and Washington should find other names and images to use. I’m sure there are creative people somewhere around these teams. Or have a contest for fans to vote on a choice of names.

Racist logos and team names are part of the past. Let’s move into the 21st century.

5 thoughts on “What’s In A Name

    • I have read the argument that some Native Americans are okay with Washington’s name and cheer for their home team or just for Washington because of it, but I still think that Chief Wahoo is definitely offensive. I also don’t think that tradition is a good enough reason to hang on to a racist image.

      As for Washington, they may keep the name out of spite since the owner is adamant he doesn’t want to change it. Until he loses a ton of money that is. It might just make the owner reconsider. Money does have a tendency to change people’s minds.

      We hang on to what we want, people here still call the field “the Jake” which will fade with time, I think, as younger kids become fans and know it as the Prog. Although, The Jake is a way cooler name than the Prog.

      I love your Cub Den btw. I like the Cubs.

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