Random List of Likes

I have seen quite a few lists here on Word Press and I haven’t really done one yet. I decided to just make a random list of things I like. No special order, except the Beatles and I randomly just picked 8 things.

1. The Beatles: The Beatles are my number one musical group and I have loved them since I was 13. I have all their albums and collect all things Beatles. The Beatles were such a groundbreaking group and are still celebrated 50 years after they first came to America. I met a friend at 14 at a showing of all the Beatles movies at the Cleveland Convention Center and also met my best friend forever, Merry, because she was wearing a Beatles hoodie. Beatles Forever!


2.Harry Potter: I have loved HP since 2000, the year after the second book was released here in the U.S. I know it’s a Young Adult book, but I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about. I heard these books had gotten thousands of kids to start reading. Once I read the first book I was sucked into the Wizarding World myself. Since then I have gone to midnight book and film releases, gone to an HP convention, visited the Wizarding World of HP in Florida and collected every Harry Potter item I could. I am pretty into it.


3. Banjo: I have always loved banjo music. Bluegrass and folk banjo are my favorites. I love to listen to Flatt & Scruggs and Bela Fleck. I started learning to play the banjo two years or so ago. I’m not very good, I only know two songs, but I really enjoy playing and listening to the banjo.


4. So You Think You Can Dance: I don’t watch any of the other reality shows, but I have watched SYTYCD since the end of season one. I knew and know very little about dancing. I knew I loved watching these young dancers! The auditions were funny, much like the other shows and the dancers got better as the season progressed. My aunt and I watched together and even went to see the dancers when they went on tour, The live shows are terrific. The show just started again and if you haven’t seen it maybe check it out. It’s on Wednesdays on Fox, 8:00 pm eastern time. Here is a great hip hop dance performed by last season’s winners. (The dance itself starts at 1:19)

5. Weird Al Yankovic: I love Weird Al Yankovic. Love him. My son started listening to Weird Al in the late 1980s. I let him listen to his music in my car tape deck (ooo, we were cool) and started to really think the songs were funny. I enjoy Al’s original songs and songs imitating an artists style as opposed to a parody of a song. I have gone to every Weird Al show here since 1993 with the exception of one. My favorite Weird Al song? Very hard to pick. Here’s a parody called Ebay.

6. Star Trek: Star Trek was a staple show in my house growing up. I have seen all the Original Series episodes many, many, many times, but I honestly like all the different versions of Star Trek.
My husband is a ST fan also. His favorite series is The Next Generation. My favorite is Voyager. Can’t get enough Star Trek around here.


7. Frank Zappa: Frank. FZ is difficult to describe. His music is very eclectic and different. Some of the lyrics are sexually graphic so most of it was never played on the radio, although much of it is instrumental. He plays a wicked guitar. My favorite group is and always will be the Beatles, but Frank is only a hair behind in second place. Sadly Frank died in 1993 so I never had the privilege of seeing him play live. I have seen his son Dweezil play Frank’s music beautifully and see him in concert as often as possible. (Hubby and I are going to see him for the second time this year, this July. So here is Peaches en Regalia (instrumental) written by Frank Zappa and performed by Dweezil Zappa with Steve Vai.

8. Cats: I have two cats at the moment. I used to have four, but over the years two have died. I have an older cat (male, almost 16) and a 7-year-old cat (female). They are my companions during the day while my husband is at work. I like dogs, too, but they are just a little too much for me to care for and anyway, my husband says no more pets..these are my two kitties:


Okay, that’s my list. Now you know a little bit about me and the kinds of things I like.

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