A Whole New Look

I haven’t done much with the look of my blog since I first started it a year or so ago. I’ve been reading more and more blogs and seeing a lot of nice pages and decided I wanted to spruce mine up a bit.

I have been fooling around with creating a new avatar and I’m not sure I am going to stick with the one I chose. Plus I seem to have two now…one for the blog and one for my user name..I really do need to play around with these settings some more.

I changed my Theme yesterday to Sorbet which is a bit more colorful. I like it.

Mer made my new header and changed my colors and font. I love to play around with fonts so those may change now and then.

I may have a new look, but I’m still the same ol’ me.


10 thoughts on “A Whole New Look

  1. I do like this better than the old format! I only had one other past follower who used your old theme, and he was kind of a Duck Dynasty type of hillbilly. I no longer have to confuse the two of you when I click on one of your posts! 🙂

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