No Purse Required

I don’t carry a purse. This is the 20th year I haven’t carried a purse. I carry a little Slim Clip, which was a Seen on TV item from several years back.

This little clip holds my credit cards, insurance cards and any cash I might be carrying. Other than my phone and keys, this is all I need.

I used to carry a purse, but every so often I would get a new purse. I would transfer my wallet, and my keys to my new purse, the rest of the stuff in my purse being junk. I would accumulate a bunch more crap and would get a new purse and repeat the process. A purse always seemed like a garbage container to me.

I also had a habit of forgetting all about my purse. I used to leave it everywhere. Friends’ houses, movie theatres, plays, restaurants, bars, just about everywhere. It was annoying.

Finally, I had had enough! I had three unused purses at home with nothing but junk in them, nothing I had needed since I abandoned them. I was just done.

I started carrying my debit card, my driver’s license and my insurance cards in my pocket. A few years later my husband bought me my Slim Clip. I have used it ever since.

I did try taking a purse to my high school reunion once. I was very dressed up and thought maybe I would just try it again, just this once. What a disaster. My poor husband spent the whole evening looking for my damn purse. Mer got me to use one last Halloween, but I did that just for her.

My husband is glad I don’t carry a purse. He never has to stand holding one for me while I do something. My female friends usually want me to carry a purse for some odd reason. I just laugh and say No, never again. Yes, I know most women think of purses as fashion accessories, but I am not a fashionista of any kind. I never have to match my purse to my clothes (do people do this?)Jeans and Tshirts are my usual attire.

No purse required.


6 thoughts on “No Purse Required

  1. During the work week I keep the stuff I need in a backpack. Much easier to do that and be able to carry any other supplies I need in the same container. On the weekends I have a smaller purse I sometimes use or I just put my bits in my pocket, like you. Purses are getting to the point where they just aren’t my thing.

    • I swear they just aren’t my thing. People are usually amazed that I can do without the things people put in purses, It’s understandable with work to need carry things. I just carried my stuff in my arms. Such a nerd.

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