Welcome to the Machine

This is the first post from my husband’s new blog, Words from the Workbench. If you like electronics, building projects, amateur radio, radio or just tinkering, please check it out.

Words from the Workbench

YOU should start a blog!”. That’s what my wife’s been telling me lately.  She recently got into blogging and seems to think I might like it as well, and that people might be interested in what I have to say.  Okay.  I suppose I could try it.  I’m not really a computer guy, in that I don’t have a Facebook account and really don’t care much about social media.  I find the computer much more useful as a reference and entertainment tool.  Fortunately it is versatile enough to be just about anything to anybody.  Of course, my old-time computer won’t even run this website, so I have to borrow my wife’s laptop.  No problem, as she is a very lovely and generous person (who happens to mostly use her iPad anyway!). 

The title of this blog is “Words from the Workshop”.  That’s because that’s pretty much where I’ve spent most…

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