No Cable Needed

We don’t have cable at our house. It’s been about two years since we disconnected the cable and put up rabbit ears to catch over-the-air networks and their additional broadcast stations. Although my husband is an antenna genius, we don’t have a television antenna up on the house and we still get about 15-20 channels. Since we get all the network and local channels we haven’t missed the 150 odd channels we used to get.

I won’t say I haven’t missed anything at all. I miss BBC America. I miss Doctor Who. I miss the political discussion shows my husband and I used to watch. I miss American Classic Movies. We can watch on line in some cases, but we don’t for some odd reason. Laziness, we have become spoiled. Log onto the computer? Pull up a site? Oh, hell, let’s just watch Green Acres.

I am not a huge sports fanatic. I love the Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavaliers. That’s about the extent of my following sports. Without cable I can still see the Browns (American Football), but not the Indians (baseball) or the Cavaliers (basketball). So I listen to all the games on the radio.

I love radio. I love old radio shows and old radios. My husband and I collect all kinds of radios. I listen to the baseball games on my 1938 Zenith cube table top radio when I am in the house. It has that old timey sound to it. The announcers screaming at great action, describing each play and giving information on the players and the teams. I learn more about the games I listen to than I ever did when I used to watch the games. Most of my friends, however, rarely want to come over to “listen to the game”….

During football season I go over Mer’s house and watch games with her husband. My husband doesn’t care at all about sports and they bore Mer. So her hubby and I get together and we have a little football party every Sunday during football season. Mer sits over on her computer and says “yay!” if we are cheering and “sorry” when we aren’t. I like that I have someone to watch/listen to the games with, which didn’t use to be the case. Since I watch the football games now, Mer’s hubby teaches me what the penalties actually look like.

Getting rid of cable has been one of our better decisions. I know die-hard sports fans need their ESPNs, which I can understand, but for us it has been beneficial in a few ways.

1. We watch less television With less choices we spend less time flipping through channels before we decide there is nothing on worth watching. The tv stays off more often.

2. We watch more PBS. When we do watch tv, the best and most interesting programming for us seems to be on PBS.

3. I got invited to watch football games at Mer’s. This has been a lot of fun, even though her hubby and I are poor, suffering Browns fans.

4.I spend more time reading/writing. Since I am not absorbed with the boob tube, I have more time for books and blogs.

We have no dvr, vcr or any copying device of any kind. If we miss something we miss it. I find we become less attached to shows when we know we will miss many of them with life events.

In an hour the Zenith will be warmed up and tuned in for the next Indians vs. Rangers game. I can’t wait to hear the announcer yell, “Home run, Cleveland!”

11 thoughts on “No Cable Needed

  1. I agree with you. I would get rid of my cable, but I need it for my internet service. I certainly do not get my money’s worth out of it. When my boys are here, they watch…………the food network and the cooking channel. On the weekends my younger son is watching the food shows on PBS. We really do not need it…….but watching my boys learning how to bake a soufflĂ© is pretty darn neato.

    • Oh I agree! My children are grown and have their own lives and cable. Watching your children learn to cook sounds so wonderful. We do have some over the air cooking shows, but nothing like on the Food Network. We did keep the internet, but not the cable.

  2. I tend to watch mostly cooking shows and Criminal Minds. I really wish I could get Josh to give up his addiction to the tube. I’ve lost track of how much shit he has saved on the DVR, it’s ridiculous. I could probably be quite content to do without cable – I could definitely do without the huge bill!

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