Talkin’ Turkeys

My bff, Mer, and I are chatting on our phones through Facebook. Big deal, you say. WELL, we are being just a little crazy and decide to see what happens when we use the microphone…..


All of a sudden we are sending little voice packets back and forth and LISTENING to ourselves chat! WOW. We are so up to date! Young people probably knew this a long time ago, but we more mature people just found it out today.


Do I need to say that we were like two little kids with a new toy. No more typing for us, no ma’am! We are singing, sending silly messages, giggling like little girls.


Mer’s husband is outside working on her new wheels with my husband, while inside Mer and I yuck it up on our phones. If they hear me in here on the phone with Mer like this they are going to wonder what is up with us this time.

This is the life. Two high tech chicks chatting by voice! We are talking, REALLY talking with our phones. Oh wait, isn’t that what phones are for? Hmmm… but we were CHATTING, now we’re talking with a microphone we control! Wait….

Well, it’s fun and different from just calling up and talking on the phone. I swear. This feels a lot like two way radio. Which it really is. But it’s NEW to do on our phones.

Just wait till we Skype and tele-talk(tele-talk, who says that? video chat). We are going to feel like we are in the FUTURE!!


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