The Door Into Summer

My husband and I are spending a nice afternoon listening to all the original Monkees albums on vinyl while he tapes them onto reel to reel. The doors and windows are open so we can enjoy the nice summer day, one of the first we’ve had where it isn’t either too hot or too cold.

I might be sipping a nice Shirley Temple.

It’s a Monkees kind of day. Tonight we go to see them in concert. Sans Davy Jones, as my bff likes to say. My husband is a huge Monkees fan and has seen them in concert a few times back in the 80s. So, this will be a nice evening.

On a summer Saturday afternoon here are the Monkees with The Door Into Summer:

2 thoughts on “The Door Into Summer

    • Love you too, bff and yes the concert was terrific. So much fun. A lot of singing and clapping and whooping it up. We had a blast. Really looking forward to our night with Ringo!

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