I really like collecting and collections.

I collect a few things: old radios, telephones, records and Harry Potter stuff.
Of course, I also collect all things Beatles. This is my collection I’ve had longest. I started collecting Beatles memorabilia in 1975. Wow, I’m old, almost 40 years ago!

The first thing I began gathering up were Beatles albums and 45s. I had been borrowing my aunt’s albums and wanted my own. The first one I got was 1976’s Rock and Roll Music. It was a compilation album and it was a radio station copy from my uncle who was a DJ at the time. I must have played that album over and over a million times. Big 70s headphones on, music blaring.

I wanted more. I wanted their “real” albums. The ones released THEN. The originals. There were a lot of reissues of the Beatles albums in the mid-70s. There were some crazy singles issued from the album Rock and Roll Music even. Songs from different Beatles album on the SAME 45. Wild.

I went to a ton of garage sales and got some great deals back then. Kids who had grown up with the Beatles had moved on and their parents were often selling off the albums and singles the kids left at home. I have a pretty good collection of the Beatles singles. I even have a cover sleeve for I Want to Hold Your Hand. Good stuff. I was also lucky enough to own a few doubles and some triples of the albums I bought. I gave a stack to another huge Beatles fan, my bff Merry.

I don’t just collect records. I have buttons, action figures, posters, prints, books, pins, Beatles pants, T-shirts, earrings, DVDs, salt and pepper shakers, Christmas tree ornaments, you get the idea. I used to collect every magazine mention of the Beatles. Not just articles about the Beatles, no, every time they were mentioned by anyone. I had books full of cut out mentions of the Beatles. Full newspaper and magazine articles. Every Beatles magazine issued about the Beatles I could find back in those young days of my Beatlemania.

I don’t have a pic of me from back then all Beatled up. But Mer and I put on our Beatles shirts and pants when we went to see Paul McCartney last summer.


It’s so nice having a Beatles best friend. Now we both collect and it’s twice the fun. I’m on the left Mer on the right in the picture.

Do you have any collections and what kinds if you do?

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