Too Fat Polka

25 songs in 25 days
Day 24: A song you’ve danced to with your best friend.

I could have written another post about one of the Beatles songs to which Merry and I got up and danced our hearts out. We’ve done that, as you might guess, many times. I know Mer can’t always dance anymore due to her damn legs and hips giving her fits and flares, but she has danced with me to my earliest Beatles fave, Eight Days A Week, even when she hasn’t felt the best. So I could have used that song. But I didn’t.

I could have written about my oldest friend and I dancing to many of Matchbox Twenty and/or Rob Thomas songs. That’s her Beatles, as I say. I enjoy so much of MB20s music and have danced my ass off with her to it. I could have used one of those songs, but I didn’t.

No, I picked a polka. I love polka. Mostly Polish, Slovenian or American polka. I love Frankie Yankovic, the Polka King, and love dancing polkas. FY has a great version of the Too Fat Polka with Drew Carey on it. I love it. When any version of the song comes on at a wedding I do get up and dance. Usually I have to dance by myself, which I have done at weddings if no one is brave enough to try polkaing. I dance to it by myself when I am listening at home.

I love the swirling accordion, the banjo, that it’s a sing along song, the singing in Polish near the end.

I am not, shall we say, a petite woman and I am what many people consider fat, which sometimes is anyone over 120 pounds and 5’9″ tall. So, I guess I should be offended by this polka, but somehow I’m not. I love and laugh at the Cleveland references made by Drew, since I am a Clevelander and love to dance my ass off to this polka.

My husband, also one, of my best friends, grew up with polkas since he and his family are proud Polish polka lovers (we have many consonants in our last name and no one can pronounce it). Mr. Bob (hubby) is always kind enough to dance one polka with me at weddings. He doesn’t polka very well for having grown up around the dance, but he still takes me out and whirls me around to the great music. Too Fat Polka by Frankie Yankovic and Drew Carey is one both of us enjoy, so I picked that polka. I danced to it twice while doing this post; once while looking for the video and once to be sure it played okay on my post. It’s not the best video, but it was the only one I could find of the Drew Carey version.

2 thoughts on “Too Fat Polka

  1. So I started playing this to see if it was the song I remember and Josh turned around and said, “what the fuck is this and why are we listening to it?” 😀 I happen to think it’s hilarious.

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