Bust a Move/Back in Black


25 songs/25 days
Day 13: A song that reminds you of a former friend

My friend Patty and I met at work, a bank branch in Rocky River, Ohio in 1990. We immediately became friends and started going out for drinks after work on Friday nights. We had a favorite bar where we hung out most Friday or Saturday nights. We both loved to dance and every week we had the DJ play two songs together. Bust a Move by Young MC, immediately followed by Back in Black by AC/DC. Both are great to dance to and we thought the combination was just right. Great beats both.

Anyway, Patty and I were friends for 15 years and then suddenly we just grew apart. No fight or any bad feelings, we just went in different directions. Maybe I will meet up with her again sometime.

So I really have two songs for Patty. When I hear either of these songs I always think of the other one and Patty and I dancing our hearts out at Terry’s bar.

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