Peaches en Regalia

25 songs/25 days: Day 12
The last song you listened to.

The last song I really heard was called The Grind by Dweezil Zappa, but I couldn’t find a video for that song. While looking for the video for The Grind, I came across Dweezil’s version of his father Frank Zappa’s song Peaches en Regalia. Zappa Plays Zappa won a grammy for best rock instrumental in 2009 for Peaches en Regalia.

I love this song and it is the ring tone assigned to my husband’s calls on my phone.

My husband and I have seen Zappa Plays Zappa perform this song at least once at the several concerts to which we have gone. We are going again in July.

So here is Peaches en Regalia (instrumental) written by Frank Zappa and performed by Dweezil Zappa with Steve Vai.

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