Random thoughts on spring and records

I’m really looking forward to spring. Garage sales and flea markets open again and the record hunt will begin. What will I find this year? I am sure I will find at least one gem (to me).

During the winter I have been buying my vinyl from Amazon. I can’t help myself. I WANT these records. I usually buy the cheaper ones, but every once in awhile I will pay more…like for my green vinyl Beatles Christmas Album.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently went to see Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa. It was terrific. So…I go looking for the music on Amazon and elsewhere on line. I purchased one of Dweezil’s early records, which I did not like and Bongo Fury and Grand Wazoo by Frank Zappa. I purchased some CDs, as well.

Dweezil’s Automatic was fantastic and more to my taste…DZ’s Go With What You Know which is good, but not as good as Automatic. More shredding on GWWYK than on Automatic. I am not a huge fan of guitar shredding so I prefer the singing guitar of Automatic.

And Frank, well I love anything and everything FZ does. So I am always looking to get some more of his music and preferably on vinyl. At garage sales and flea markets the price for Zappa records is substantially lower. So I am looking forward to that. Of course, I am also always looking for something I don’t have in my Beatles collection.

So spring, I sure am looking forward to your triumphant return.

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