My second brother

I donated and if you can it would be a nice way to start a year of kindness. This is a personal friend in need and any donations or reblogs would be appreciated. Thanks!

Merbear's World

I met my best friends baby brother when I was 16, and he was 7.

He was always outside with his little band of friends, constantly on the go. I can remember going to watch him at football practice, myself and his two sisters drooling over his coach.

I watched him grow up, off and on, from a little boy to a young man. It seemed over a season, he grew 5 inches. The peach fuzz on his chin proved that time stands still for no one. He wasn’t the same little boy who put sand in my shoes at the beach, laughing hysterically at his own prank.

Jesse was there for me when I left my ex. He went with me as my bodyguard when I needed to pick up some belongings I had left behind during my moments notice exit from hell. I was afraid to go there…

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