A terrific show and a great weekend

Wow, Paul McCartney puts on a hell of a show! MerBear and I took a little trip to Washington, DC last week to see Paul in concert. It was such a great time!

We had a pleasant drive down to my daughter’s place where we were staying. We listened to Paul’s album Wingspan and some Beatles on the way down and didn’t run into much in the way of delays.

We had dinner with my daughter and her fiance and just watched ID tv for the evening. We rested up the next day and MerBear suggested we go down to the stadium early to see if we could maybe get something to eat near Nationals Stadium where the show was being held. We took the Metro from Greenbelt, the end of the line, to the Navy Yard station. When we got on the metro their were a couple other people wearing Beatles or Wings T-shirts, as we were.

Here we are in our Beatles shirts and Hard Days Night pants right before leaving for the Metro. I am on the left and MerBear on the right.

As we traveled along the line more and more people with tell-tall shirts got on the metro train. There was quite a group of us when we exited at the Navy Yard station. We decided to walk up to the stadium and see what was going on. A small group was already gathered and we joined them. Paul and the band were doing sound check; they had gotten into DC late due to traffic (imagine that). So we stood outside for an hour listening and getting a free extra concert!

We were finally admitted and started the long climb up to our seats. It took us some time and a false start in the wrong section but we did find our seat.

And then the show began!

20130716-200128.jpg (this photo courtesy of Beatles Magazine)

Paul played a great show. A mix of Beatles, Wings and solo McCartney material for over two and a half hours. Not bad for a 71 year old man! And boy was he rocking.

Beatles songs like Lovely Rita, Hey Jude (a huge sing along), Ob-la-di, Ob-da-la, Blackbird and Back in the USSR were just some of the hits he played.

His Wings material included Listen to What the Man Said, Band on the Run, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five, and others.

He sang Juniors Farm, Hi Hi Hi and a huge fireworks exploding version of Live and Let Die.


The whole show was nonstop fun. Paul seemed to play all MerBear’s favorites and many of mine. It was really a great show.

The next day we were wiped out. We hadn’t gotten home until about 1 a.m. and didn’t get to sleep till after 2. We were just too wound up. We pretty much slept off and on all day Saturday. Our trip home was as smooth if not smoother than our trip out. It couldn’t have been a nicer weekend.

A big thanks to my daughter and her man for putting us up and putting up with us. Staying with them allowed us to take this trip and have enough time to recover before going home to Ohio.

Now we have our programs and concert T’s to remind us of a great show and a great time.


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