How to embarrass your teenage daughter

Thanks for the guest blog invite MerBear

Please welcome my Beatles buddy, Crimsonowl63, as she talks about the joys of embarrassing her daughter.

I was a bad mom. I used to love to embarrass my daughter. Unlike my son, G loved to be “in” and popular. Having a nerdy mother was SOOO embarrassing.

One of my favorite ways to embarrass her was to “talk hip”. Now, most of the slang I knew at that time was very outdated. Which was good. Kids hate it when you use old slang. I used to drop some oldies like “groovy” and “far out”.

G: Big eye roll

The funniest is when I used slang she used to use. Especially if I use it wrong. In front of her friends. The best! Back in the Day is OUT. As if is really out.

Tell her “That’s how I roll” and she is starting to twitch. Yo, Fo Shizzle and she is saying, “Mom! Cut that out!”

That’s when you pour it on. Tenderoni. Start to say how you want to chillax at the crib with some peeps. And some brewski’s. Mix it up a bit.

Start talking about the rap music you like. I happen to like Eminem and some Dre, Snoop, Nate Dogg etc. All the music I like is older. I love to tell her, if in front of friends even better, that I just love, say, the song Regulate. Oh it’s so great.

G: Mom, how old is that song? Are you trying to be cool?

Me: No I just AM cool.

G: Rolls eyes, steps away.

She used to be so embarrassed of my shenanigans in front of her friends. (She hates when I use the word shenanigans) I used to tell her it gave her good stories to talk about how crazy her mom is. Her friends laughed so hey. Now that she’s grown she is still embarrassed sometimes, but that is some of the fun of being a parent.

And, then I break into a chorus of “It’s my Prerogative”.

No child was injured in the actions listed above by said mother, me.


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