Beatles novelty songs

I love the Beatles and love novelty songs, so today I am going to share just a few Beatles novelty songs!

This first song is the one I have sung the most. I think most Beatles fans know it. Here’s We Love You Beatles by the Carefrees

I first heard this next ditty on the Lost Discs Radio Show. I Want to Be a Beatle by Bobby Wilding.

There are some funny anti-Beatles songs including Pop Hates the Beatles by Allan Sherman. But I don’t like to dwell on the negative.

The all-time best parody of/tribute to the Beatles has to be The Rutles. The Rutles-All You Need Is Cash movie and album are just wonderful. All the songs are Beatles-esque and catchy. This is a great album and movie to own if you love the Beatles and/or mockumentary movies.

Here is one of the Rutles songs which incorporates different Bealtes songs and the video from Help! into something very similar called Ouch!

So there are just a few of the Beatles novelty songs I know and love.

6 thoughts on “Beatles novelty songs

  1. The Rutles were/are truly wonderful. I love the Lennon pastiche ‘Cheese & Onions’. Have you heard the second Rutles album? Timed to complement the Beatles ‘Anthology’ series, it is called ‘Archaeology’.

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