Planning to see Paul

Two weeks from today MerBear and I are leaving on a trip to see Paul McCartney in concert at Nationals Stadium in Washington, DC!

We were just casually looking around Facebook while chatting and saw that Paul McCartney was playing in New York. Two big shows. I decided to see if he was playing anywhere near Cleveland, just to see.

There was a show in Pennsylvania, I believe, but then I happened to see a show coming up in DC. Hmmm, my daughter lives right outside DC….Hey MerBear, want to go see Paul? We can stay with my daughter and all we will need are tickets and gas money!

MerBear agrees this sounds like a great idea! We both love the Beatles. Her favorite is Paul. What a great chance for a little get away and to see Paul McCartney!! Step one complete: Agree to go!

I see my daughter on the FB chat and ask her if we can come out and stay with her for a few days. My daughter, being a kind soul, says Sure, Mom, come on out. Step two complete: find a place to stay!

MerBear and I are planning like mad and giggling like little fangirls. Squeee! We are going to see Paul! Omg! Paul, can you believe it! A Beatle! Live!

We are there in our minds, but we haven’t even checked out the tickets at all. We don’t know how much they are or if there are any available. Pshaw, we will find some, we are determined.

The show is only six weeks away and we have only been planning for less than an hour. All we need are tickets! Minor detail in our plan to see Paul.

I search on Ticketmaster and at the Stadium itself on line to try for tickets. I couldn’t get any two together. We could only afford the nosebleed section. I switched to StubHub and found two seats together for only a few dollars more in the same sections. Yay, we should be able to get them. I only have to wait one more day till payday to buy them. Next day…..we have our tickets and can print them out in early July. Step three complete: get the tickets

It was whirlwind planning. We were decisive! We were enthusiastic and excited about going! We consider it an adventure. We even decided to stay an extra day. Not bad for two friends who don’t go out much!

The time has flown by. It is now two weeks to the day before we leave. MerBear and I can’t believe we are really going. We are getting out our suitcases and saving our pennies for our concert Tshirts.

Paul, here we come!



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