A Preacher and his Dogs

I saw something crazy on television last weekend. We don’t have cable, just over the air channels and netflix. As I was flipping through the channels I happened upon a local preacher who was having some kind of outdoor revival meeting.

What struck me odd was what the preacher, Ernest Angley, was saying…..he was talking about controlling the people, mostly children, running around the perimeter of the meeting. He was using guard dogs…dogs to sic on the kids running around.

I mean, he’s Praise God this and Praise God that, but let the dogs take care of those around here who don’t know how to conduct themselves. Who does this? The camera panned to the dogs and their menacing looking human partners and showed the kids running around. All the while Angley is praising god and threatening people with these dogs.

This Reverend Angley is a big dude around these parts. He’s 90 years old and been around on television here forever it seems. I usually don’t give him a second of my time. I have watched a few of the “healings”. My ex-husband went to him when he was a teenager to “cure” his deafness, but was not cured, surprisingly enough, and was told just to say the words asked and say you can hear. So I don’t have much use for him.

But this was a new low. I guess to each their own, but I just couldn’t understand trying to save people’s souls while ripping out others throats. I guess I just don’t get it.

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