Novelty songs

I was listening to music with my husband last night. We have a whole lot of different kinds of music on his old laptop we never transferred over to anywhere else. I realized many of my favorite kinds of songs had been stuck on this computer….novelty songs!

I have many favorites, but here are just a few we listened to last night……

We started out with Benny Bell’s “Shaving Cream”…*I like this video of just the 45 playing.

If you enjoy puns you will love Dana Lyons’ “Cows with Guns”.

I love Weird Al Yankovic. I have almost all his albums and like his original stuff as much if not sometimes more than his parodies.  Since most people like the parodies, here is one of my favorites.

Anther of my favorite parodies. “Dirty Deeds Done with Sheep” by “Bob Rivers

I used to listen to a lot of Doctor Demento. He was good for songs like “Camp Grenada,” “They’re coming to take me away”, and all kinds of other parody songs.

Of course being a Star Trek fan I have a favorite novelty for that, too.

I have several local novelty songs on 45 rpm records. The WMMS “Tenth Anniversary Song”, “The 12 Days of Cleveland Browns Christmas”, “Go Joe Charboneau”,  “There’s No Surf in Cleveland” by the Euclid Beach Band and “Skinny Little Boy” by Alex Bevan, “Funky Poodle” by Wild Horses.. There are others that I am sure would interest no one. lol

Okay, those are just some of the ones I like. Sorry about the ones that might have an ad, they are on the video source. Do you guys like novelty songs? Which ones ? I’m always looking to add to the collection.


3 thoughts on “Novelty songs

  1. Guess I eschewed novelty songs after Bennie Hill’s “Ernie”, but what chuckles I have missed. Benny Bell was new to me: daring for 1946!! And I loved the AC/DC fleecing. But one of your favourites I know and love: hooray for ‘Cows with Guns’.

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